About Us

We instilled the colors of nature into our fabrics…

Tefex Global is a Turkey based global company that supplies quality sustainable and cost effective fabrics to world fashion brands

Tefex Global supplies the needs of numerous brands with its wide product range of weave and knitted fabric.

Tefex Global is the address of fabric to increase devolopment and growth trends and modern business vision.

It acts as a solution solution partner for its customers with its domestic and international manufacturing,strong stoc structure and fast service.

Our Product Groups



Tefex Global Weaving is engaged in the production of ladies fantasy woven fabric. The production capacity is annually 4.000.000 mt. Nearly all of its production is  and also sold to exporters in domestic market.



Various new, small capacity jet dyeing machines were added to the knitting dyehouse, which was completely renovated in 2004 with a daily capacity of 25 tons, in order to shorten the deadlines in 2009.

''World in Fabric / Fabric in World''

The fabrics produced by our company are all over the world, both directly and by the products and services of our customers….