About Us

Who We Are

For over 25 years we perceive our business life while enhancing with our values, business insight and ever-growing customer perception. Tefex Global preserves its attribute of being the first and prior supplier with its different quality products and up-to-date colors under a wide product range. 

As a necessity of a constantly changing and developing customer behaviour, on the purpose of grasping high conditions of competition and counterbalance our customers’ product and quality neccessity, we are perpetually developing and enhancing our business procedures likewise our quality perception within the scope of ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.

Tefex Global provides a faster and of high quality service to its customers by completing almost all quality processes and weaving products in the showcase in its own dyehouse.


The contributing factors beneath this entire success are human resource strength, product and business quality, our experience in terms of the sector and our strong financial structure.

Our Mission

Preserving our worldwide priority leader firm stance and providing our customers the advantage of competence by our approaches: using latest technology in textile sector, innovative, susceptible to environment and human health, fashion-focused and customer-centered. Handing our traditional culture down to next generations in company with modern and comfortable fabrics we fabricate for cozy homes where people find peace midst the chaos of daily life.

Our Vision

Offering the latest fabric trends to our customers along with the headmost technology. Contributing to the sector’s enhancement and national economy. 

Specifying staff according to the company’s requirements and selecting sufficient, competent personnel that is appropriate, offering equal opportunities for candidates at the election, being objective, benefitting the capabilities of labor force efficiently and profitably by assuring the employees are working on appropriate duties accordingly to their knowledge and attributes, attaching weight to employees’ education and making provision in Human Resources Management budget for training programs every year on behalf of this purpose, enabling the employees to develop, enhance, succeed and arise, making alterations for the enhancement of the employees’ business activity and labor fertility, ensuring the establishment and settlement of environments that will provide positive social relations and will to work, reinforcing employees’ adherency to their duties; advancing the interaction and its methods between management and the employees, procuring the employees’ commitment to the company. 

Minimizing health and safety risks that may occur in a work environment (office/storage) by analyzing the risks,

Arranging educational activities to raise and enhance awareness about Occupational Health and Safety,

Working in fullsteam to become an exemplary institution in textile sector about occupational health and safety by interiorizing the aim of zero work accident and zero occupational decease, taking necessary precautions and conducting integratedly with Quality and Environment Management Systems for enhancing our productivity.

Handing a healthy and clean environment down to next generations who are sensitive about climate change

Using energy and natural resoures effectively

Preventing pollution at its source

Setting climate change and sustainability in every action as the top priority

We are working with our fullsteam in pursuit of becoming an exemplary institution for many firms in terms of our environmental pioneering in textile sector by conducting our activities about enhancing the society’s and our employees’ awareness of environment integratedly with Quality, Energy, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

"We instilled the colors of nature into our fabrics…"